Andrew Gilbert ALCM (TD), DipLCM
Music Teacher and Computer Specialist

Gallery: Model Railways

For several years I helped to design and build a model railway layout with one of my longest-standing music students, Bill Gray. What started off as a simple project mushroomed into something much bigger, a very complex, three level layout with over a dozen locomotives and trains and goodness knows how many pieces of rolling stock, not to mention fully motorised points, signals, and a town complete with houses, factories, offices, shops, a bank, garage and even a school. There was street lighting on every road, illumination in all of the buildings, and even vehicles and figures. We had a lot of fun, starting as complete beginners and learning to do things along the way, ending up with a layout that was equal in standard to many that I’ve come across in model railway exhibitions.

Sadly, Bill passed away in April 2015. Ironically, the last time I saw him was when I’d completed all the wiring for the very last section of track, and we were looking forward to finally completing the layout the following week. In late May, it was my sad task to help dismantle the layout prior to the sale of his house. I bought some of the locomotives myself and the last of these, plus a double-decker bus, has pride of place in a display cabinet at home.

Here are a few photos of just a few parts of the layout as it was a year or two ago.