Andrew Gilbert ALCM (TD), DipLCM
Music Teacher, Organist and Computer Specialist

Included in these downloads are some teaching materials that I hope may help you, some true anecdotes from my many years in the music business, a little music-related humour and some odds and ends. I’ve now included some helpful instruction sheets for those players who have higher end Yamaha keyboards and Clavinova Pianos. There are some exclusive sheet music files for you to try out on organ, piano and keyboard, plus lots of mp3 audio files for you to listen to. By clicking on the titles below, you'll be linked to and there you'll be able to download them or, in the case of audio files, just stream them and listen. The audio files feature me playing, both live and multi-tracked, on various instruments from 1974 to the present day. I’ve also added links to the first few in a series of Youtube videos featuring me at various organs, starting with some at the updated Hammond model X-66 at the Wight Hotel, Sandown, Isle of Wight, now affectionately known as the X-666. There’s also a very rare video/audio clip of me playing a duet with the late, great Brian Sharp during our 1979 Kawai tour of Japan. I am playing the Kawai T10 organ and Brian is playing the Kawai see-through ‘Crystal Piano’. Finally, courtesy of my good friend Mike Bracchi, there’s a “20 Minutes of Andrew Gilbert” video, featuring me at various organs.

All the following links were checked during the website’s latest update but things can sometimes go wrong, so please report any broken or incorrect links so that they may be fixed. In the meantime, you can simply email me and I'll send you whatever is 'missing'. Thanks.

Non – audio files:

‘It Shouldn’t Happen to an Organist’ – The Chronicles of Andrew Gilbert

Some true anecdotes from my career. (All in pdf format)

Part 1. Mispronunciation.UPDATED!
Part 2. Odd occurrences in concerts. – UPDATED!
Part 3. Scandinavian Tour - Norway
Part 4. Scandinavian Tour – Sweden and Denmark
Part 5. Should I get Danger Money for this?
Part 6. The Stitch-up. – UPDATED!
Part 7. Carol Concerts.
Part 8. The County and Agricultural Shows.
Part 9. I didn’t really mean to say that!
Part 10. Reliability – or lack of it!
Part 11 – Weather Woes.
Part 12 – Meeting and working with Brian Sharp – NEW!

Organ and music-related humour (All in pdf format)

Acts 29 – The Stoning of the Organist
The Andes 1493 Organ - Unbelievable! 
A Customisable Tale 
Musical terms defined
The Working Men’s Club Organ –some stories.
Fish Songs – NEW!
Quality Assurance – Schubert – NEW!

Odds and Ends (All in pdf format)

Festive Soup Recipe – NEW!
English Is Crazy! – NEW!
The Kid – a Wild West Tale – NEW!
The Layabout – NEW!

Sheet Music (All in pdf format):


Scarborough Fair
TD Blues
Skye Boat Song
Mello Cello
Vals Poetico No. 6 (Grade 6 LCM)
Allegro in G
All through the Night
Jazz Gymnopedie
Satie – Gymnopedie No.1
Jazzette 2               
Bridge – Miniature Pastoral No.5NEW!
Am AbendNEW!
Bach – Prelude no.12 in F minor – NEW!
Handel – Gavotte in G Major – NEW!
The Entertainer – basic version – NEW!


Poeme (Zip file with music, performance notes and mp3 audio file) 
To a Wild Rose
Intermezzo (from Cavalleria Rusticana)
Holiday for Organs – lots of notes and very difficult!
Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves (also suitable for Keyboard)
Tambourin – lots of notes and fairly difficult!
Moonlight Sonata (C minor version)
Am Abend – NEW!


Greensleeves – Jazz Style
Simple Gifts  - NEW!
To the Ends of the Earth
Air on the G String (in C – with AI fingered chords)
Our Song
Meditation (from Thais)
Tijuana Christmas Medley
The Red Sarafan
The Blue Danube (Long Version!)
Maybe Tonight / Adriatic Moonlight
The Love We Knew
Intermezzo (from Cavalleria Rusticana)
The Water is Wide                                                                  
Moonlit ShoresNEW!
Old Comrades March – NEW!
Rhapsody In Brown – NEW!

Teaching Materials (All in pdf format):

Grade 1 Piano Scales
Grade 1 Piano Broken Chords
Page Turning – some advice
Treble and Bass Clef Notes - basic
Treble and Bass Clef Notes – advanced 
Treble and Bass Clefs – max – NEW!
Transposition Table (for use with transposer buttons)  
Circle of Fifths, Keys and Scales – explained!
Scales Fingering Chart – Grades 1 to 2
Scales fingering chart with accidentals – Grades 1 to 3 – NEW! 
Playing in front of others
Practice Advice – Updated and Revised.
LCM Chord Sequence Test Advice - Revised and Improved!
Essential Chords for Keyboard
Chord Manoeuvres for keyboard beginners
Right Hand Notes Chart for Keyboard – UPDATED AND EXTENDED!
The First Five Notes for Piano
First Steps. Some easy exercises for keyboard beginners
Piano PedallingNEW!

Data files for Yamaha Instruments. (All in zip file format)

Freeplay styles (orchestral, no rhythms) – PSR2000 onwards 
Edited Voices – PSR3000 onwards 
Acker Bilk clarinet voices – PSR3000 onwards

Instructional information sheets for Yamaha keyboards (All in pdf format)

Registrations: How to create, save and load Registration Banks – NEW!
Registrations: Creating a ‘Blank Bank’ – NEW!
Registrations: How to create and use Registration Sequences – NEW!
Registrations and Styles: Copying to and from a USB Stick – NEW!

Youtube Video Clips – NEW!

Caravan – with Brian Sharp on Kawai T10 organ and grand piano – NEW!
I Will Wait For You – live at the Hammond X66 Organ – NEW!
The Girl From Ipanema – live at the Hammond X66 Organ – NEW!
The Last Waltz – live at the Hammond X66 Organ – NEW!
A Whiter Shade of Pale – live at the Hammond X66 Organ NEW!
Music of the Sea Medley – live at the Hammond X66 OrganNEW!
20 Minutes of Andrew Gilbert – various organs – NEW!
Strangers in the Night - live at the Roland AT900 Platinum organ – NEW!
Van Der Valk Theme - live at the Roland AT900 Platinum organ – NEW!
Ha'Penny Breeze - live at the Roland AT900 Platinum organ – NEW!

Audio mp3 files:

Yamaha Instruments: 

Yamaha AR100 – Delicado ‘live’
Yamaha AR100 - Left Bank Two
Yamaha S900 - Memory from ‘Cats’
Yamaha S900 - Memories of the Alhambra
Yamaha S900 - Irlandaise
Yamaha S900 - The Hustle
Yamaha S900 - An Unexpected Song
Yamaha S900 - Stranger on the Shore
Yamaha S900 - Isn’t She Lovely
Yamaha S900 - Red Roses for a Blue Lady
Yamaha S900 - James Bond Medley
Yamaha Tyros 3 - The Lonely Shepherd
Yamaha Tyros 3 - Greensleeves 
Yamaha Tyros 3 - Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
Yamaha Tyros 4 – Jazz Gymnopedie – NEW!
Yamaha/Roland - Hopelessly Devoted to You
Yamaha S900/Ketron Audya - Telstar
Yamaha Tyros 5 – HarryNEW!
Yamaha Tyros 5 – Charmaine – NEW!
Yamaha Tyros 5 – Three o’clock in the Morning – NEW!

Roland Organs: 
Roland AT90SL – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Roland AT90SL – If We Were In Love
Roland AT90SL – Dances with Wolves
Roland AT900 – It Was a Very Good Year
Roland AT90SL- Charmaine
Roland AT90SL - Mr Lucky
Roland AT90SL – Out of Africa
Roland AT900P – Writings on the Wall – NEW!
Roland AT900P – Rhapsody in Brown – NEW!
Roland AT900P – Auld Lang Syne – NEW!
Roland AT900P – It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve – NEW!
Roland AT900P – Oh Holy Night – NEW!
Roland AT900P – Gayaneh’s Dance – NEW!
Roland AT900P – Harold Smart Latin Medley – NEW!
Roland AT900P – Rise NEW!
Roland AT900P – Jackie Brown Medley – NEW!

Hammond Organs: 
Hammond Organ and Keyboards – Waltz Medley
Hammond Organ and Sax – Love Letters
Hammond T402 – Catch a Falling Star

Kawai Organs: 
Kawai SR6 – MacArthur Park 
Kawai SR6 – Stairway to the Stars
Kawai SR6 – Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 Theme)
Kawai SR6 – Night and Day
Kawai SR6 – I Can Dream, Can’t I?
Kawai SR6 - Our Song
Kawai SR6 – Maybe Tonight/Adriatic Moonlight
Kawai SR6 – The Floral Dance
Kawai SR6 – Begin the Beguine
Kawai SR6 – Wave
Kawai SR6 – I’ll Buy That Dream – NEW!
Kawai DX900 – Love Me Tender
Kawai DX900 - The Shadow of Your Smile
Kawai DX900 – Ghost Riders in the Sky
Kawai DX900 – You Make Me Feel Brand New
Kawai DX900 – How Can I Tell Her? 
Kawai SR6 – Christmas Medley NEW!
Kawai DX900 – The Red Sarafan 
Kawai DX900 – Bali Hai 
Kawai DX900 – Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue – NEW!
Kawai DX900 - The Shadow Of Your Smile – NEW!

Conn Organs: 
Conn 580 - Maria
Conn 580 - As Time Goes By
Conn 580 - All the Things You Are

Lowrey Organs: 

Lowrey MX2 - Cry Me A River
Lowrey MX2 - Strangers in the Night
Lowrey MX2 – Jean
Lowrey MX2 – Tony Hatch Medley
Lowrey MX2- Peanuts

Other Instruments: 

Granada Walthamstow Christie theatre organ – All the Things You Are
Granada Walthamstow Christie theatre organ – The Regent March
Granada Walthamstow Christie theatre organ – Beatles Medley
Virtual Orchestra and Thomas Organ – Calcutta
Casio MZ2000 Keyboard – Tomorrow’s World Theme
Virtual Orchestra – Manhattan Skyline
‘Virtual’ Hammond X66 - Tico Tico / Brazil Medley
‘Virtual’ Hammond X66 – Une Larme Aux Nuages
‘Virtual’ Organ – Holiday for Organs
Classical Organ - March from ‘A Little Suite’
Classical Organ - Prelude in Classic Style
Classical Organ - Tambourin
Grand Piano - Tarantelle
Virtual Brass Band- Deep Harmony
Virtual Jazz Group – Love is a Many Splendoured Thing
Virtual ‘Royal Albert Hall’  – RemembranceNEW!