Andrew Gilbert ALCM (TD), DipLCM
Music Teacher, Organist and Computer Specialist

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This latest update has added even more hi-res photos to the galleries and some brand new downloads of all types. There's now a completely updated biography, with lots of new photos, plus some new and updated chapters in ‘It Shouldn’t Happen to an Organist’, a collection of true stories and anecdotes from my career. There’s also a lot more in the way of sheet music for piano, keyboard and organ, new and revised teaching materials, plus new data files and instruction sheets for Yamaha keyboards. There are many new mp3 audio files, including some archive material I thought had been lost forever! There are some new links to Youtube clips of me playing the organ and I will be adding more as time allows.

Finally, some people have asked me to increase the font size of the text on the site and I have done so with this update. If you have any comments on the site, your feedback is always welcome, thanks!

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Hello, and a very warm welcome to my website. I will be updating the site on a regular basis, so I hope you'll come back from time to time to see what’s new.

On the site you'll find plenty of information about me and my work, including a biography and several galleries of photos from across the years from the 1960s to the present day, plus links to some sites that I hope you may find interesting. There’s also a downloads page that has some teaching materials, anecdotes and humour, Yamaha keyboard data files and advice sheets, plenty of sheet music and lots of mp3 audio tracks and Youtube clips to stream or download.

I’ve been an organist, pianist and keyboard player for over 48 years and have played in concerts, at music fairs and at organ/keyboard festivals all over the UK and Europe and as far away as Japan, as well as broadcasting many times on radio and making the occasional TV appearance. Over the years my career has seen me playing all sorts of electronic, theatre and classical organs, as well as pianos, synthesizers and keyboards. From 1977 to 1989 I was one of Kawai’s international team of Product Specialists and travelled all over Europe and Japan, playing, demonstrating and helping to design some of their products. Since then I’ve worked with several other major organ and keyboard manufacturers such as Lowrey, Orla and Hammond, both as a player and freelance design consultant. Some of my sounds and ideas are still to be found in today’s organs and keyboards. I had to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, which means I can’t tell you about them, but they’re there, believe me!

I was a regular writer for Keyboard Player magazine from 1984 to when it sadly closed in mid 2011. As well as hundreds of product reviews, I wrote many musical arrangements and original compositions for piano, organ and keyboard – some of which are now available on this site - and I produced a monthly series on computer music making called, appropriately, Computer Music.

The past 25 years or so has seen me turn increasingly to music teaching, and I currently spend most of my working time teaching organ, piano, keyboard, music technology and music theory to private students of all ages in my local area, to youngsters in local private schools and also at Bonners Music Academy in their Eastbourne Music Superstore. I also teach people how to use their instruments to the full, both privately and at Bonners’ regular teach-in evenings.